Materials structure and property characterization facilities


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  1. SEM - Scanning electron microscopy: JEOL model 4200 SEM with 5-axis stage, can accommodate specimens up to 25 mm x 25 mm x 6 mm.
  2. EDS - Energy dispersive x-ray spectroscopy: Oxford EDS system for performing chemical analyses.
  3. EBSD - Electron backscattered electron diffraction: Oxford system for detecting crystallographic orientation and deformation.
  4. Laser Confocal Scanning Microscope - Keyence VK9700 microscope system for no-contact analysis of topographical features to 10 nm resolution and angles up to 80 degrees from horizontal over large areas (8 cm x 8 cm).
  5. Stylus Profilometer - measurement of surface roughness and topographical features by contact method over areas up to 1 cm x 1 cm.
  6. FTIR - Fourier transform Infrared spectroscopy(with ATR) : apparatus for identifying the chemical species by bonding energies.
  7. DSC - Differential scanning calorimeter: apparatus for analyzing thermodynamics and kinetics of phase reactions in materials .
  8. TGA - Thermogravimetric analysis : apparatus for analyzing chemical reactions due to mass changes and release of gaseous by-products.
  9. Mechanical Property Testing Facility - Equipment is available for tensile testing according to ASTM E-8 for up to 30 cm length and 1 cm 2 cross-section. Wire pieces and composite samples can also be accommodated. Hardness measurements of centimeter-scale samples, and portable hardness measurement of large pieces. Bend and impact testing to 10 mm thickness.
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