Lightweight 155mm Software Support Lab


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Picatinny Arsenal




The TAD Software Support Environment (SSE) occupies 600 square-feet. It contains the hardware and software tools required to support the Light Weight 155mm M777A2 Digital Fire Control System (DFCS) operational software, which includes integration testing and software formal qualification testing. The DFCS SSE consists of 3 complete DFCS test environments, 1 level A test environment and 6 DFCS simulators where each environment can support testing individually or combined together as an 9-gun firing unit configuration to perform mutli-gun testing. Additionally, Gun 1008, equipped with the DFCS, can be added as an additional station by relocating the tethered Chief of Section Display into the lab. The TAD SSE is also equipped with outdoor radio antennas mounted on the building's rooftop that facilitate communicating with the M777A2 throughout the arsenal area to support navigation testing. A rooftop mounted GPS antenna provides GPS signal that is networked and re-radiated through out the laboratory, thus eliminating multiple GPS antennas and providing GPS signal in the laboratories and highbay area. Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) are connected to over 8 PC based test equipment in the test environment. The UPS conditions power and prevents the potential loss of data during testing.

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