Laser Ablation ICP-MS Geochronology Lab



6th Avenue, Kipling Blvd
Building 95
Denver, CO 80225
United States

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Description of Capability: U-Pb geochronology of minerals by laser ablation coupled to a magnetic sector ICPMS. We can determine the ages of minerals including apatite, cassiterite, monazite, titanite, and zircon. For example, lab instrumentation is used to determine ages of minerals (e.g. zircon, monazite, and apatite) for studies related to regional geologic problems, tectonics, mineral deposits, and sediment provenance studies.

Specifications/Capabilities: Photon Machines 193 nm excimer laser; AttoM ES High Resolution Magnetic Sector ICPMS.

Scientific Opportunities/Applications: Regional geology, tectonics, hazards, sedimentary processes, mineral resources.


U-Pb geochronology, Laser ablation ICPMS


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