LADAR Development and Evaluation Research Facility (LDERF)


FLC Region

Security Lab



101 W. Eglin Blvd, Bldg 13
Eglin AFB


The optics laboratories have four optical workbenches on isolated slabs of cement in two separate rooms. An indoor range allows LADAR experiments in a controlled environment. Motorized doors provide convenient access to the outdoor range. Numerous lasers are available for LADAR integration or other experiments, ranging from low power CW HeNe lasers to high pulse energy diode-pumped solid state lasers at a variety of wavelengths. Current research efforts at the LDERF utilize active imaging LADAR systems operating at wavelengths from the visible through the near infrared. The performance of optical detectors such as the avalanche photodiode (APD) can be characterized in the optics laboratories.

The electronics laboratory consists of a room with a printed circuit board (PCB) assembly area and four general purpose electronics work benches. Computer Aided Design (CAD) capabilities include schematic capture, circuit simulation, PCB layout, and mechanical drawing packages. Numerous personal computers (PC's) are present for LADAR data display and processing. A variety of software packages are available for LADAR data acquisition and analysis, including MATLAB, ZEMAX, C/C++ development suites, LABVIEW, and MATHCAD. A complete selection of hand tools and some machine tools are also available.

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