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Institute for Fusion Studies
Unversity of Texas/Austin
Austin, TX 78712-1060
United States


The Institute for Fusion Studies (IFS) is a national center for research in theoretical plasma physics and controlled thermonuclear fusion. Its mandate is to study magnetic plasma confinement, basic plasma processes and related issues from the viewpoint of theoretical physics. Particular emphasis is placed on fundamental issues of long range significance. The IFS also serves as a center for fusion science information exchange, nationally and internationally, by arranging visitor programs, courses, conferences and workshops. As part of this effort, it is the principal site in the United States for the exchange activities of the U.S.-Japan Joint Institute for Fusion Theory. The IFS has an extensive academic program, involving students, usually as Graduate Research Assistants, and Postdoctoral Fellows.


The institute mission conducts research related to making nuclear fusion a practical energy source. Research areas include plasma confinement and stability, large-scale computing software, novel fusion technologies and high-energy particle beam generation and dynamics.

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