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Idaho National Laboratory (INL)


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Idaho National Laboratory
2525 North Fremont Ave.
Idaho Falls, ID 83415-3805
United States

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The Idaho National Laboratory ( INL) was founded in 1949 as the National Reactor Testing Station to provide an isolated location where various kinds of nuclear reactors and support facilities could be built and tested. Fifty- two test reactors were constructed at the INL over the years. In 1974, the site was renamed a national engineering laboratory to reflect its expanding application of applied science and engineering capabilities. As it responded to the realities of the post-Cold War world, the INL turned its expertise to become a leader in providing technology for environmental management and research. Today, INL's staff has a broad range of expertise in the engineering of large-scale process, detection systems, law enforcement, chemistry, nuclear security systems, sensors, communication and computing, biotechnology, and in a variety of other science and engineering areas.


The mission of the INL is to:

  • Deliver science-based, engineered solutions to the challenges of DOE's mission areas, other federal agencies, and industrial clients.
  • Complete environmental cleanup responsibly, using innovative science and engineering capabilities.
  • Provide leadership and support to optimize the value of EM investments and strategic partnerships throughout the DOE complex.
  • Enhance scientific and technical talent, facilities, and equipment to best serve national and regional interests.

Tech Areas

Available Technologies
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A Method and Device for Secure, High-density Tritium Bonded with Carbon
Actinide Ion Sensor For Pyroprocess Monitoring
Active Measurement Cancellation: Isolating batteries from active circuits to measure cell impedance in-line
Advanced Electrolyte Model
Advanced Material Development, Processing and Characterization
Aluminum electroplating on steel from a fused bromide electrolyte
An Additive Resin Reaction Product, a Method of Treating a Wood Product, and a Wood Product
Battery Condition Monitor: Method for assessing State of Health, State of Charge, Remaining Useful Life
Biodiesel – SSC Process
Cermet Materials, Self-Cleaning Cermet Filters, Apparatus and Systems Employing Same


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Advanced Materials Lab: Automated Hardness Tester
Advanced Materials Lab: Spark Plasma Sintering System
Advanced Materials Lab: Tensile Tester- Control, Process and Sensor System
Advanced Test Reactor (ATR) National Scientific User Facility
Advanced Test Reactor Complex
Advanced Test Reactor National Scientific User Facility (ATR NSUF)
Biomass Feedstock National User Facility
Center for Advanced Energy Studies: Computer Assisted Virtual Environment (CAVE)
Center for Advanced Energy Studies: Microscopy and Characterization Suite (MaCS)
Geocentrifuge Research Laboratory


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