Hot Air Decontamination Facility


FLC Region

Security Lab



Picatinny Arsenal




This facility provides for an environmentally compliant way to decontaminate scrap metal at ARDEC and provides a means of safe disposal/recycling. The 1350 cu ft oven is utilized to decontaminate metal/process equipment that has been exposed to energetic material. Per Army Decontamination Regulations, the XXX (3X) contaminated metal is elevated and maintained at temperatures over 500ºF for a period of 3 hours. This controlled heating process destroys the energetic contamination on the metal/equipment. This facility provides the Army with ability decontaminate material to a certifiable XXXXX (5X) contamination level by ARDEC Safety Office. It can decontaminate equipment with little to no disfiguration for safe reworking/welding/disposal, depending on type of metal and equipment configuration.

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