High Explosives Applications Facility


FLC Region

Security Lab



7000 East Ave.
Livermore, CA 94550
United States




HEAF's expansive first floor houses the many laboratories and facilities that make HEAF unique in the world. Chemistry laboratories exist for the synthesis, formulation, characterization, and testing of high explosives and other energetic materials. The firing operations area of HEAF includes seven (7) fully contained firing vessels. The size and explosive weight ratings of these detonation tanks vary from gram quantities up to 10 kilograms (22 pounds) net explosive weight. HEAF is equipped with extensive, high-fidelity, high-speed diagnostic capabilities including x-ray radiography, x-ray tomography, high-speed photography, laser velocimetry, and embedded particle velocity/pressure measurements. Many of these diagnostics are integrated into the firing tanks to provide abundant dynamic data return. The combination of cutting-edge computational analysis and highly diagnosed experiments provides the required approach to achieve rapid and efficient advances in energetic material research.
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