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3617 Collins Ferry Rd
Morgantown, WV 26514
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At NETL's High-Pressure Combustion Research Facility in Morgantown, WV, researchers can investigate new high-pressure, high-temperature hydrogen turbine combustion concepts, using the facility’s dynamic gas turbine and simulation validation (“SimVal”) test rigs. The first simulates gas turbine conditions with acoustic feedback to help researchers better understand fluid flow and combustion variability. The second is an optical combustor that can achieve high flow rates, high pressures, and high temperatures (up to 700 degrees Kelvin)—conditions that are optimal for analyzing high-pressure combustion and validating fluid-dynamics models. Scientists conduct research at the facility that can make turbines more efficient, keep them in service longer, and address the role various fuels play in combustion and emissions issues. The facility also enables scientists to develop new sensors, thermal-management methods, and control capabilities to conserve fossil fuels and comply with future emissions standards.
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