Hardware-in-the-Loop Testing


Security Lab




RTC has a suite of Hardware-in-the Loop facilities that include three operational facilities that provide performance assessment and production acceptance testing of millimeter wave, IR and SAL missile seekers and all-up rounds. These facilities are supported by subject matter expertise in combining T&E with M&S to support simulation based acquisition. The HWILs include: The Longbow Simulation Test and Acceptance Facility that is used to provide non destructive test of allup-round Longbow missiles for production and stockpile reliability; the Electro-Optical System Flight Evaluation Lab which is used to test seekers, control sections, command launch units and other components (adaptable to test semi-active laser seekers); and the Advanced Multispectral Simulation, Test and Acceptance Resource which provides a performance test bay for tri-mode seekers that utilize any combination of mid-wave IR, SAL and KA band millimeter wave seeker technologies. HWIL capabilities also include ad-hoc and component test capabilities such as FLIR HWIL and dynamic fin loading.

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