Ground Systems Power & Energy Laboratory (GSPEL)


FLC Region

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6501 E. Eleven Mile Rd.
Warren, MI 48091
United States


GSPEL Testing Capabilities

Testing Services
• 250 to 12,000 SCFM air flow test benches with zero to 4X zero visibility dust feed for air filters, cleaners and equipment testing
• Up to 50,000 CFM air flow for heat exchanger (radiator), charge air and oil coolers, and armored ballistic grille characteristics/performance testing
• High-voltage/power components testing for vehicle electrification and hybrid electric power tech integration
• ISO 17025 LQMS accredited test lab for production qualification of batteries and electrochemical technology testing at cell, module and battery pack levels
• Controlled and repeatable road profile simulated full vehicle powertrain testing to create, assess and validate vehicle design, functionality and utility

Air Flow Laboratory
• Calorimeter Testing
• Filtration Testing
• Replicate field failures
• Assess maintenance efficiency
• Evaluate new heat exchangers and ballistic grilles

Electrical Components Laboratory
• Testing of high voltage, high power components
• Analyze future electrical power generation
• Variable coolant temperature and flow rate over a large range
• Pressure testing of coolant cooled components using high sensitivity pressure transducers

Energy Storage Laboratory
• Assess performance of fielded storage system
• Test new solutions for fielded and future vehicle systems
• Multiple cell/battery Cyclers on a centralized control system
• Thermal Chambers and temperature controlled Water Baths

Power & Energy Vehicle Environmental Laboratory
• Transient Road-Load Profiles
• Vehicle Acceleration
• Fuel Economy
• Full-Load Cooling
• Speed on Grade
• HVAC Validation
• Engine Cold-Start Evaluation
• Alternator Load Testing

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