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The TACOM-ARDEC Ground Combat Simulation (GCS) Laboratory uses high-performance computers and networks to simulate weapon systems and battles and to interoperate with live forces. Our software suite contains tools that can model individual rounds, weapon platforms and force structures to varying degrees of fidelity as apropos to the purpose of the analysis. In addition, we offer a robust 3D visualization capability to enhance understanding of the analysis and to convey a sense of reality to an audience.

The GCS Team consists of a group of seasoned analysts, engineers and programmers whose skills include operations analysis, system and network management, software engineering and mathematical physics. We have worked in a variety of projects that include real time operations with live troops, weapon system simulation, battle simulation, physics modeling, custom programming, project management and international programs.

Operations and analysis using the GCS Laboratory can serve several purposes. The primary reason to use the distributed simulation approach is to define system requirements early in the acquisition life cycle. Candidate requirements are encoded into the simulated systems and the systems are used either in a totally simulated combined arms environment or are used in a virtual sense by live troops in real-time. In this way the pertinent requirements for the system are identified during the concept infantry operations definition stage. Thus the systems managers can avoid costly system characteristics that contribute minimally to real-world effectiveness. The GCS Team stands ready to discuss how this form of simulation may best serve your system development and simulation requirements.

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