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3615 Collins Ferry Rd
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Researchers use computed tomography (CT) scanners at NETL’s Geological Services Laboratory in Morgantown, WV, to peer into geologic core samples to determine how liquids, solids, and gases flow through them. The lab’s three CT scanners—a medical CT scanner, an industrial CT scanner, and a micro CT scanner—serve different purposes. The medical scanner is useful for fluid-flooding evaluations and observations of sub-core bulk properties; the industrial scanner can portray pore networks; and the micro scanner analyzes pore surfaces. Researchers can also use the lab’s mobile core-logging unit to measure the physical properties of the samples. Moreover, the lab’s software (FLUENT and EarthVision) and visualization hardware provide both static and time-dependent data. The knowledge that researchers gain by using the lab has real-world applications. For instance, researchers can learn how carbon dioxide behaves in coal samples or how foamed cement holds up once it is injected into an offshore wellbore. Such insights are relevant to carbon sequestration and hydraulic fracturing.
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