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The Fuze Division at Adelphi applies new and innovative technologies to design and develop safe, reliable and affordable fuzing systems. They specialize in the design and development of proximity sensors, controller circuits, Electronic Safety and Arming mechanisms and inductive setters that provide highly accurate burst height control and improved resistance to Electronic Counter Measures. Their capability can modify and optimize existing proximity sensor designs to satisfy a wide variety of unique requirements and package them to survive gun launch.

At their facilities, they are developing Micro Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) for a variety of fuzing applications including ultra miniature Safety & Arming (S&A) devices and air driven generators. The objective of the MEMS development work is to reduce the cost, volume and weight of S&A devices while increasing reliability and safety. S&A volume reduction will increase the space available for the warhead thereby increasing lethality and helping to reduce the soldier's load.

Co-located with the Army Research Lab (ARL), they have access to a microwave anechoic chamber, ballistic air guns and environmental simulation equipment. Prototype sensor evaluation can be performed using an electromagnetic research facility, and they operate two explosive loading facilities that are used for research on MEMS devices as well as more conventional explosive trains. In addition, they also work closely with the ARL power sources group to design and develop batteries and other power supplies for fuze systems.

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