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The Fuze Development Center was established in 2003 to provide a place to take conceptual designs from the drawing board to field in a relatively short period of time. The philosophy is to design for manufacturability and employ current, and cutting edge, industrial processes to build working prototypes in "one pass". By partnering with industry during the developmental phase, and working up in B1530 to mature the design and develop the manufacturing documentation and processes, the hand off to full production should be seamless.

The Fuze Development Center is equipped with Industrial grade facilities so that the processes can be worked out prior to production hand off during development. There is a full SMT line, highly capable machine shop for fixturing and low quantity component runs, as well as explosives handling capability. There are also assembly benches to simulate assembly operations as one would see in a production facility. The set ups are flexible depending on the item being assembled. This facility will allow for documented processes that provide consistency, and "true to life" prototypes that give accurate and reproducible test results. "Do it right the first time".

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