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The Forensic Science Training Complex located at FLETC-Glynco is a 40,000-square-foot facility dedicated to execution of the Investigative Operations Division's (IOD) Forensics and Special Investigative Skills (FSI) Branch's training mission. The facility is comprised of nine specialized classrooms, three forensic laboratories, a four-bay garage, 14 crime scene modules, 16 staff offices, and a forensic library. "FLETC's new Forensic Science Training Complex has enabled our agency to expand the expertise of our crime scene investigators and analysts through the consolidation of training programs in one location," stated Special Agent Julie Lecca, Air Force Office of Special Investigations Forensics and Biometrics Program Manager. "Prior to the establishment of the Forensic Science Training Complex, our agency had to seek out a great deal of training through ad-hoc classes hosted by other law enforcement agencies. Now, due to the new facilities and increasing certifications of the instructors, we are able to offer our agents greater access to in-demand training programs."

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