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Fleet Readiness Center (FRC) East, one of the six Fleet readiness centers operated by the U.S. Navy, has been in operation since the 1940s, supporting the long-term sustainment of vertical lift aircraft by performing maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) functions on airframes, engines, and components. In addition to MRO functions, we also provide engineering and logistics support to many Navy/Marine Corps platforms.

FRC East has grown to become eastern North Carolina's largest industrial employer, with about 4,000 civilian, military and contractor personnel working in a wide variety of skilled technical and professional positions. Customers include 202 different Navy and Marine Corps activities, 18 foreign nations, 5 U.S. Air Force activities, and 3 U.S. Army activities. As a service provider specializing in support of Marine Corps aircraft, engines and components, FRC East is the only source of repair within the continental U.S. for many jet and rotary wing engines, as well as turbofan vectored thrust engines.

In 2005, we were established by Congress as the Vertical Lift Center of Excellence (VLCOE) to advance the state of DOD vertical lift MRO technologies through research, education and training, and technology transfer. In 2010, we were designated as a federal lab.

We are located on Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point, N.C., and our facilities are spread over more than 100 buildings and structures, on a footprint of approximately 150 acres. Our physical location offers several advantages: no encroachment problems, area available for expansion, no restrictions on aircraft or engine testing, adjacent to the 2 nd Marine Air Wing, allowing in-house training. In addition, our proximity to the Fleet helps us to stay in close contact with the customer.


The VLCOE at FRC East sets the standard for long-term sustainment, repair excellence, cost-effectiveness, and quality for all vertical lift aircraft in the DOD.

Our mission is to advance vertical lift MRO technologies throughout the DOD by:

  • Establishing a model facility with advanced production, engineering, logistics, environmental, energy, and sustainable installation technologies to provide our country with the best vertical lift assets at the best cost
  • Developing and maintaining a highly skilled workforce by continuing artisan and professional education and training in partnership with others, including degree-granting institutions.

Develop Infrastructure Technology in partnership with specialist organizations to improve advanced maintenance practices.

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