Fire Protection Technology Intergration Lab


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6501 E. Eleven Mile Rd.
Warren, MI 48091
United States


The Fire Protection Technology Integration Laboratory (FP TIL) provides resources that allow for faster and more thorough evaluation of emerging automatic fire extinguishing system (AFES) technologies and agents to support the Army’s modernization plans for legacy vehicles. It also enables researchers to develop methods to evaluate new fire protection technologies for future applications.

This important lab provides the Ground Vehicle Systems Center with integration and testing capabilities to evaluate the performance of existing extinguishing components and agents.

The lab features a ballistic fireball simulator, reconfigurable test enclosure, and an ability to perform high-speed agent concentration analysis.

This facility can support integration, engineering test and evaluation of AFES designed to protect armored ground vehicles including:
- Abrams
- Stryker
- Other current and future military vehicles

The Ground Vehicle Systems Center is researching ways to improve fire resistance and increase vehicle protection by addressing fire vulnerabilities with current and emerging threats.

- Environmentally friendly agents
- Integration and evaluation of vehicle/crew fire suppression systems
- Material flammability, smoke and toxicity standards

Other areas of interest
- External fire protection systems
- Fuel tank vulnerability reduction
- Li-Ion battery fire protection
- Electrical fire protection
- Ammunition fire protection

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