Experimental Explosive Pressing Facility


FLC Region

Security Lab



Picatinny Arsenal




This facility supports R&D press loading for various warhead configurations including conventional warheads and those in early concept phase incorporating new explosive formulations. The facility houses a computer controlled 190 ton press and a 420 ton press, an explosion proof electrical oven, and pressing support equipment such as hydraulic and vacuum systems. The 190-ton press supports double-acting press loading of conventional and other novel explosives up to 105 mm in diameter for warheads. The 420-ton press can press warheads up to 155 mm in diameter. The computer control capability provides accurate control, reading and recording of all pressing parameters, such as pressure, pressing cycles, vacuum, ram speed, and temperature to provide optimal procedures for maximum performances of explosive formulations. This facility is operated remotely thus providing safe, cost effective, and environmentally friendly pressing operations.

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