Energetics Experimentation R&D Facility


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Picatinny Arsenal




This facility provides the capability for explosive testing of gun charges, ignition systems, recoilless rounds, pyrotechnics, fuzes, large caliber components, primers, and mine dispersal systems. High and low temperature and humidity test cycling of solid or liquid explosive loaded components for functioning or for temperature gradient measurements is also available. Instrumentation capability consists of multiple tape and high-speed digital data channels with computer processing of pressure, force, temperature, strain, blast, and other measurements. Projectile components, RAP rounds, delays, etc. are functioned while spinning, with chamber pressure and other instrumentation measurements. Static and dynamic measurements to determine stress in component parts can also be accomplished during testing. Insensitive munitions testing with measurement of blast and flame spread functions in gun propellant under shaped charge jet attack and cook-off testing of explosive loaded rounds to determine point of ignition or component failure in a fire situation is also obtainable. Another aspect is closed bomb testing to determine absolute and relative quickness, absolute and relative force, velocity and relative vivacity, and linear burning rates of various types of gun propellants.

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