Electric Component Laboratory (ECL)


FLC Region

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6501 E. Eleven Mile Rd.
Warren, MI 48080
United States


The ECL offers several benefits:
• Testing of high voltage, high power components
• Analyze future electrical power generation and control technologies for the Army
• Provides power quality, transients, and harmonic distortion
• Variable coolant temperature and flow rate over a large range
• (Future) Certified and accredited testing to ISO17025
• Thermal chamber for component level testing
• MIL-PRF-GCS600 testing
• Resistive and Capacitive load banks to simulate a wide variety of load types
• Pressure testing of coolant cooled components using high sensitivity pressure transducers

Components Tested
The ECL can test multiple types of components:
• Advanced Electric Machines
• High Voltage Alternators
• Motor controllers
• Power Inverters
• DC/DC Converters


ECL Dynamometer
• 373kW 4Q AC Dynamometer
• 3,321 Nm torque from 0-1000rpm
• 0 – 12,000 rpm speed range

CELL 10 Dynamometer
• 346kW 4Q AC Dynamometer
• 1,245Nm torque from 0-2000rpm
• 0 – 12,000 rpm speed range

Thermal Chamber
• Temperature range of -30 to +177 C
• Humidity range of 10% to 95% RH, 85C Max temp and 4C minimum dewpoint
• 439 Liter capacity

AV-900 250kW Dual Power Supply
• Voltage: 8 to 900V
• Current: +/- 1000 ADC
• Power: +/- 250kW

AC and DC Load Banks
• Up to 250kW power absorption

Acquisition of mechanical and electrical parameters
• Phase to Phase measurements
• Active, apparent and reactive power
• Mechanical power
• Power factor and efficiency
• Fundamental frequency
• Total Harmonic Distortion
• Voltage & Current Transients
• Cooling characteristics; Thermal, pressure, flow rate

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