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TTCI's unique single-ended inertia dynamometer is used to conduct research and tests on railroad wheels, axles, and brake shoes. The dynamometer has the capability to apply a wide range of normal and excessive thermal and mechanical loads to railroad wheels. A unique feature is the large circular reaction rail through which vertical and lateral contact forces can be applied. A computer control system provides repeatable automatic control of test sequences, speed, and brake shoe force or torque control. The data acquisition system provides automatic digital data collection, storage, and reduction.

The stringent test requirements of the AAR's Specification for High Friction Composition Brake Shoes, M-926-92 can be met with the TTCI dynamometer. Currently, the AAR dynamometer is used to conduct both commercial developmental testing and official AAR certification testing. The dynamometer is also used by the AAR in the development of improvements to the current brake shoe standards.

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