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The Diving and Environmental Simulation Team focuses on ways to optimize the performance and safety of Navy divers. Our goal is to increase mission effectiveness by reducing workplace hazard and providing underwater noise-protection tools. On-going direct fleet support regarding guidelines for operational limits due to underwater noise are a critical part of the program. We are a team of two research psychologists, two diving medical officers, and five research-support personnel, including diving supervisors and a biomedical engineer.

Underwater noise can impact the diver through hearing damage and damage to internal organs, such as the lung and brain. Three approaches to improving the safety and enhancing the performance of divers are:

  1. Underwater Noise Guidance - Provides the permissible exposure limits for underwater noise, ranging from continuous noise through blast.
  2. Underwater Noise Measurement - This includes an underwater sound-level meter for use by top-side personnel and an underwater noise dosimeter for noise measurements on an individual.
  3. Protective Measures - Techniques and garments that enhance the protection of the diver from underwater noise by reducing the noise-intensity at the diver.
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