Directed Energy Research Center


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The Directed Energy Research Center is supplied with 2.5 million volt-amp power developing and testing of advanced energy based systems. Building contains a grounding grid the capability to discharge 1 million amps without damage to equipment and facilities or Picatinny Infrastructure. Two Shielded Rooms are capable of shielding against Low Frequency magnetic fields and High Power Microwaves simultaneously with secure areas allowing real-time Classified Data Processing. There are two Highbay areas for integrating technologies onto mobile platforms. Equipment and facilities include: Anechoic Chamber (EM and RF Shielded), High Bay with Crane, Ultra Short Pulse Laser Laboratory Annex, and laboratory work benches. This World Class High power Laboratory is capable of providing High Voltage and High current requirements. The Directed Energy Facility integrates specialized diagnostics and data acquisition equipment with capability of measuring and processing high power RF systems being developed for the future Warfighter

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