Denver Inclusion Analysis Laboratory [DIAL]


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6th Avenue, Kipling Blvd
Building 20
Denver, CO 80225
United States

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303 236-5530


Petrographic, microthermometric, chemical, and isotopic analyses of melt and fluid inclusions.

Specifications/Capabilities: To document petrographic relations among inclusions and their host minerals, DIAL is equipped with supporting sample preparation equipment, petrographic microscopes with ultraviolet (UV), infrared (IR), or cathodoluminescence (CL) capability, scanning electron microscope-cathodoluminescence (SEM-CL), and digital imaging systems. Single inclusion instruments include heating/freezing stage microscopes (T, P, salinity, density), electron microprobe (major-minor elements), laser Raman spectroscope (major gases), thermal decrepitation-quadrupole mass spectrometer and laser ablation-ion trap-time of flight-mass spectrometer (major-minor gases), as well as laser ablation-inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometer (multielements). Bulk analysis methods include dual ion chromatograph (cations and anions), quadrupole mass spectrometer (major to trace gases), static high-resolution sector mass spectrometer (He, Ne, Ar isotopes), and isotope ratio mass spectrometers (H-O-C-S-N). The combination of, and normalization between, single and bulk inclusion data enables comprehensive characterization of magmas and hydrothermal fluids and identification of the sources, conditions, processes, and mass transfer that were critical to resource genesis.

 Scientific Opportunities/Applications: The chemical and isotopic compositions of melt and fluid inclusions are used to understand how magmas and hydrothermal fluids evolve and generate significant ore deposits. Such data are critical to the development of reliable assessment models for mineral resources.

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