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The Crystallization Formulation Lab fills a critical need in the process development and optimization of current and new explosives and energetic formulations. The prototype facility was designed to facilitate the scale-up of crystallization, and slurry coating processes.

Currently the 4-story facility, designed to easily reconfigure existing and/or add new equipment, is equipped with 2 temperature controlled, highly instrumented, interchangeable 50 gallon reactor vessels, high capacity heaters and chillers, 2 high precision liquid feeders, and a solvent recovery system, all of which are PLC controlled through a control system with model based control (MBC) precision recipe control and data acquisition.

Future uses of the facility include process optimization, modeling and resolution of scaling-up issues for energetic processing of neat nitramine-based explosives such as HMX, RDX and other energetic materials such as NTO, PETN and/or TATB.

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