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ARDEC maintains a full-range Diagnostics/Prognostics Laboratory for the research, development, testing and support of Embedded Diagnostics/Prognostics, Built-In Test, At-System Diagnostics, Software Downloaders (also known as Software Loader/Verifiers), Automated Software Testing and System Emulators. The lab is equipped with full diagnostics development environments for supported weapon systems, consisting of actual system hardware and subsystem emulators. Our facility is also equipped with all At-System ATE (Automated Test Equipment) required to support our customers, including the IFTE Soldier's Portable On-System Repair Tool (SPORT) and Maintenance Support Device (MSD) utilized by the Army and the Panasonic ToughBook utilized by the Marines. The laboratory staff consists of engineers, scientists, technicians and contractors specializing in Diagnostics, Software Downloaders and Automated Software Testing. Some of the systems supported include the Paladin M109A6 Self-Propelled Howitzer, M777 Lightweight Towed Howitzer, Mortar Fire Control System (used on M1064 and Stryker), Crew Remote Operated Weapon Station (CROWS), and the IPADS inertial navigation system.

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