Chemical Looping Reactor


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3612 Collins Ferry Rd
Morgantown, WV 26509
United States




NETL's chemical looping reactor in Morgantown, WV, enables a high-temperature, integrated chemical-looping-combustion (CLC) process. During CLC, air does not come into direct contact with fuel. Instead, oxygen is delivered to the fuel via a solid material called an oxygen carrier. The flue gas generated by CLC consists of just carbon dioxide and water, making the carbon dioxide easily recoverable. Researchers are using NETL’s chemical looping reactor to overcome the technical barriers associated with CLC and make the technology less risky for investors. A non-reacting test unit is also used to study solids flow at ambient temperature. Because the reactor is so large, it provides data used to validate computational fluid-dynamics models, which hasten the scale-up of reactor units and make it more convenient to examine different reactor configurations.
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