Cargo/Weapons Elevator Land Based Engineering Site


FLC Region

Security Lab



9500 MacArthur Blvd.
West Bethesda


The Cargo and Weapons Facility consists of a suite of full scale and component test facilities contiguously located in building 77H. The site was constructed in 1987 to address and solve the technical problems encountered from the diverse population of these systems in the Fleet (i.e., over 600 different types of elevators, 21 different capacities, 250 different designs and 64 different manufacturers). It includes:

  1. a full scale, 6 story Cargo/Weapons Elevator Land Based Engineering Site,
  2. a vertical package conveyor test site having three shipboard type conveyors,
  3. temperature and humidity controlled machinery,
  4. electrical control and power unit rooms and
  5. modular layout to facilitate shipboard configuration and other testing that is cost prohibitive at sea.
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