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The BYU Technology Transfer Office has been established to help faculty, students and staff commercialize any technology or product developed through their association with the university. The office provides professional, business and intellectual property services to relieve BYU personnel of the burden of being extensively involved in the business and legal aspects of the commercialization process. The office, working closely with the General Counsel's office, provides expertise in business relationships, negotiations, protection of intellectual property, marketing, license agreements, contracts, and entrepreneurship.


While the primary focus of the BYU faculty is teaching, research, and other scholarly activities, often the products of scholarship have application as products or services beyond the gates of the academy. Under most circumstances, these intellectual properties can only be utilized by society if they are made into commercial products and sold by a company with a profit motive. The primary purpose of the Technology Transfer Office is to facilitate the transfer of university-developed technologies to the marketplace by protecting the intellectual property through patents and copyrights and subsequently licensing the protected intellectual properties to companies outside the university. Patents and copyrights are required because most of the technologies developed at a university require substantial investment by the company for final product and/or market development before they can be sold to the public. Unless companies have the protection of exclusive rights to the technology (e.g., a patent) they will not make the investment necessary to bring a technology to the marketplace. The Technology Transfer Office will evaluate the technology, secure intellectual property protection, find a company to develop and sell the product, and negotiate the license agreement. The revenues received from the license are shared between the developer(s) as personal income (45%) and the university as research support (55%).

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