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Ground Vehicle Systems Center's Bridge Technology Laboratory can support testing for complete bridges or structures up to 210' long, 32' wide and 23' high. The lab contains 10 hydraulic actuators that can simulate vehicle crossings and loads up to 1 million pounds in a safe and controlled environment. Dedicated data acquisition equipment is also available to measure and record relevant information during tests.

The BTL provides Military Load Classification (MLC) ratings to designate the minimum safe reserve capacity of bridges. The MLC rating is conducted in accordance with international agreements:
- Trilateral Design and Test Code for Military Bridging and Gap-Crossing Equipment
- North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Standardization Agreement, STANAG 2021

ISO 17025 Accreditation
Accredited to perform Structural Strength Testing
- Loads up to 1,000,000 lbs.
- Displacement up to 24"
- Dimensional outside diameter up to 6" and inside diameter between 0.7" - 6"

Functional & Safety Features
- Maximum structure size: 210'L x 32'W x 23'H
- Safety windows allow live testing observation from control room, which also provides multi-camera views throughout test site
- Emergency Stops
- Adaptable, stable load footprint
- Large access door enables:
- Structures to extend outside
- Easy access for handling equipment
- Larger structures to be constructed inside before moving outside
- Material handling equipment includes forklifts and man lift capable of lifting up to 475 lbs. a maximum height of 42'
- Some limited fabrication (mill, lathe, weld, etc.) available onsite

Load Control System
- 10 Computer-Controlled Hydraulic Cylinders
- 36" Stroke
- 100,000 lbs. each
- Deflection Safety Limits
- Lateral Safety Limit Switches
- 2500 PSI Pressure, 100 gallons per minute (gpm) Flow

Data Acquisition System
- 120 Channels
- Strain Gages
- Displacement – Lasers, Linear Variable Differential Transformers (LVDTs)
- Thermocouples
- Inclinometers


Provide the expertise to support the readiness of ground systems throughout the life cycle.

A workplace of choice where our employees are fully engaged in meaningful work, recognize their relevance and link to our end users.

Conduct strength and durability testing of military bridges.

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