Aviation Flight Test Instrumentation


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RTC provides support in the design, development, installation, integration and operation of aviation flight test instrumentation. Our engineers design, fabricate, install, integrate and calibrate various types of instrumentation systems. We provide collection and processing of real-time and post-mission airframe and systems flight test data at any location across CONUS. RTC electrical and mechanical engineers support the integration and installation of non-standard systems and subsystems into existing Army aircraft platforms. We provide airworthiness release data that supports airworthiness approval from RTC and AED flight releases. A key capability is the state-of-the-art flight test control center which provides real-time display of flight test data and flight test data storage. We also utilize wireless rotating instrumentation package to collect structures data on rotating components. The wireless rotating instrumentation package eliminates the need for legacy slip ring technology. Our capabilities encompass flight test instrumenting, data acquisition and recording, attitude measurement collection, global positioning system collection and processing, video recording and playback, flight test control, instrument systems calibration, instrumentation cockpit display, telemetry decommutation and display, open air environment data collection and ground station digital communication testing.

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