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The Automated Test Systems Division (ATSD) has assembled facilities to support the on-site development of Test Program Sets (TPS) for Weapon Systems. The facility occupies over 13,000 sq. ft. and houses over eighteen million dollars of equipment and material. The facility houses and utilizes the following Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) platforms: IFTE V3, IFTE V5, Aurora (Mantech VTS-1000), Marine Corp TETS, ADADS, AN/USM-410 EQUATE, AN/USM-465 (Genrad 2225A), DSESTS, Huntron, and DIT-MCO.

The TPS Engineering Center Laboratory has 5,500 sq. ft. dedicated for fifteen Automated Test Systems (ATS) valued over twelve million dollars. These systems are representative of all TACOM ATS used for direct support and Depot Testing of electronic components.

The TPS Configuration Control Center (CCC) has 1,200 sq. ft. dedicated for over one hundred Test Program Sets (TPS) valued over four million dollars. All TACOM TPS masters, Units Under Test (UUT) and development documentation are tracked and maintained under computer data bases in the Center.

The Engineering Support Area consists of 9,800 sq. ft. occupied by ATS personnel and extensive networked computers, support environments and developed ATS valued over three million dollars. The Administrational Area consists of 1,500 sq. ft. of office training and conference areas supporting the three primary areas above.

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