Anthropomorphic Test Device Certification Laboratory (OPL)


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44875 N Jefferson Ave
Harrison Township, MI 48045
United States


The Occupant Protection Laboratory (OPL) is a full service test facility with the resources, capabilities, equipment, and partnerships needed to perform dynamic impact/impulse testing on components, subsystems, or systems. Researchers use the OPL to perform unique “out of the box” impact testing as well as standardized testing on occupant protection and energy mitigation technologies.

The OPL houses six distinct labs and is located on the Selfridge Air National Guard Base. GVSP continues to increase the OPL’s in-house testing capabilities, ISO certifications, and offsite testing support with the addition of new test equipment and resources to support physical testing efforts.

The OPL’s Anthropomorphic Test Device (ATD) Certification Lab enables the Ground Vehicle System Center to certify ATDs inhouse. This capability reduces the time and cost of certifying ATDs and reduces downtime between testing. ATDs can be certified frequently resulting in increased confidence in test measurements and more ATDs available for testing. This certification service is available to customers.

- Test fixtures to certify each body region of an ATD (head, neck, knee, thorax, foot)
- CFR 49, Part 572 ATD
- Instrumentation conforms to SAE J211 standards
- 5th, 50th, and 95th Hybrid III ATD and WIAman

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