Airborne Early Warning Radar Facility


FLC Region

Security Lab



4555 Overlook Avenue S.W.




FUNCTION: Collects, reduces, and analyzes airborne radar data and identifies, develops, and evaluates new techniques for improving the performance of airborne radars. Nearly all new techniques require radars employing multi-element, multichannel antenna arrays. Of particular interest is Space Time Adaptive Processing (STAP), a technique for optimizing radar detection performance in the presence of jamming and clutter.

DESCRIPTION: The facility includes a data and signal processing laboratory, and the 10-element Adaptive Array Flight Test Equipment (AAFTE) airborne radar array antenna and STAP laboratory. Data collected using the AAFTE antenna were used in the first successful demonstration of STAP processing.

INSTRUMENTATION: Includes an extensively modified APS-125 radar receiver system; a 10-element AAFTE antenna for collecting multichannel airborne array radar data; a rack-mounted STAP pre- and post-processor; a simulation and evaluation suite; and three UNIX computer workstations.

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