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In late 1975, the Air Force established the Air Force Logistics Management Center at Gunter Air Force Station, Ala. It was created in response to a need to centrally manage logistics study improvement efforts and concentrate management emphasis on enhancing combat effectiveness. AFLMC was renamed the Air Force Logistics Management Agency (AFLMA) in 1993. Its charter was, and still is, to solve logistics problems. Since its inception, AFLMA has provided a continuing study, analysis, and development capability to the Air Force logistics community. Tackling and solving the toughest Air Force logistics problems remain the focus of the Agency today. From its beginnings as the Air Force Logistics Management Center, the AFLMA has grown to be recognized for its excellence. To maintain its recognized high standard of excellence and continue providing the highest quality support to the Air Force logistics community, the Agency has developed strong working relationships with RAND and the Logistics Management Institute. Additionally, the AFLMA has forged partnering and teaming efforts with a variety of other Air Force, public, and private sector organizations.


The Agency's mission is to increase Air Force readiness and combat capability by developing, analyzing, testing, evaluating, and recommending new or improved concepts, methods, systems, policies, and procedures to enhance logistics efficiency and effectiveness. Overall, the AFLMA's main goal is to solve today's logistics problems, but it is also firmly committed to shaping tomorrow's logistics environment as well. AFLMA is a Field Operating Agency (FOA) and reports to Air Force A4P.
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