Air Force - 311th Human Systems Wing


FLC Region

Security Lab



2510 Kennedy Circle
Brooks City-Base, TX 78235-5115
United States


The Air Force City-Base Project Office provides day-to-day Air Force liaison between DoD tenants and the Brooks Development Authority (BDA), the owner and operator of Brooks City-Base. The office is a dedicated focal point for continuing the quest for more efficient operations in the unique environment that exists at Brooks. The office is available to guide and assist Air Force mission and functional support business areas as they move from past practices to enhanced and more efficient operations. An important, continuing responsibility of the office is to monitor, evaluate, and report on the success of ongoing environmental remediation projects and to ensure that Air Force organizations are compliant in the acquisition, storage, use and disposal of hazardous materials.


  • Mission: Enhance and sustain human performance for dominant air and space power
  • Vision: Every Airman a Force Multiplier
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