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The ATLSS mission is to conduct research and education to advance the performance of large structures of the civil and marine infrastructure. ATLSS brings together expertise in civil, industrial, and mechanical engineering; computer science; chemistry; materials science and engineering; business; and education. Large structures include buildings, bridges, offshore structures, power plants, ship structures, etc.

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The ATLSS industrial testing program assists industrial and engineering firms of all sizes with testing, research, and development of products and systems by offering technical capabilities that can yield valuable data as well as technical assessments of existing structures. The program utilizes the unique engineering capabilities of both the ATLSS large-scale multi-directional experimental laboratory and the Fritz Engineering Laboratory and the extensive experience of its leadership and support staff to technically address the project at hand.

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The ATLSS sponsored research program supports the University's position that "the researcher's sense of continual discovery and our cultivation of the theory-to-practice continuum shape all that we do at Lehigh". Funding for ATLSS's sponsored research programs is obtained through both the public and private sector. ATLSS faculty and research staff are continually exploring sponsored research programs that support the intellectual focus of the Center, which currently includes areas such as Advanced Structural Materials and Systems, Infrastructure Deterioration, Infrastructure Hazard Mitigation, Infrastructure Reliability, Maintenance, and Life Cycle Management, Intelligent Infrastructure, and Simulation, Measurement, and Evaluation.

We encourage you to contact any ATLSS faculty or research staff member to learn more about sponsored research opportunities and projects within the Center.

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