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The Advanced Superconducting Test Accelerator (ASTA) facility will be based on upgrades to the existing NML pulsed SRF facility. ASTA is envisioned to contain 3 to 6 ILC/PX 1300 MHz cryomodules allowing tests of full PIP-II (and ILC ) RF units with nominal beam currents and pulse structures. An RF unit for PIP-II (or ILC) consists of a 10 MW klystron, modulator, and a RF power distribution system mated to 3 -4 cryomodules each containing eight 1300 MHz cavities. Addition beam lines, dumps, and test areas will support a user facility for a world class advanced accelerator research program with SRF linacs. ASTA will provide intense electron beams from 50 to 800 MeV/c energies. A small storage ring IOTA with the capability of storing either electrons or protons is also planned to explore new techniques to store intense beams. ASTA will accommodate a broad range of beam-based experiments to study fundamental limitations to beam intensity and to develop transformative approaches to particle-beam generation, acceleration and manipulation which cannot be done elsewhere. For more information see:

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