Advanced Prototyping Engineering & Experimentation (APEX) Laboratories I, II & III


FLC Region

Security Lab



Redstone Arsenal
Redstone Arsenal, AL 35898-5000
United States


These interconnected simulation facilities provide unique collaboration of force -onforce, soldier-in-the-loop, hardware-in-the-loop, and engineering level simulations. The APEX Labs provide two wraparound, out-the-window displays for immersive soldier-in-the-loop interaction with evolving aviation and missile system designs. The labs link virtual, live, and constructive models with geographically distributed participants. Doctrine, tactics, mobility, logistic support, command, control, and communication, and human reaction are modeled in a synthetic battlefield to allow rapid turnaround, realistic testing and analysis. The APEX III Lab provides the central node at the AMRDEC for distributed simulations (DS). This facility contains ten interconnected application rooms, permits connection of multiple local area networks, and supports hardware/software essential in conducting DS exercises (both DIS and HLA). It houses the Defense Research Engineering Network (DREN) gateway, which facilitates simultaneous distributed experiments between RDEC labs, TRADOC Battle Labs, industry participants, and academia. During FY03 System Simulation and Development Directorate made significant investments in APEX III to accommodate classified local and distributed simulation events, including FASTLANE encryption for wide area simulation activities.

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