Advanced Mineral Separation & Sample Preparation for In Situ Analysis



6th Avenue, Kipling Blvd
Building 20
Denver, CO 80225
United States

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Description of Capability:  Mineral separation of rock or sediment into individual mineral/sub-mineral constituents. Dedicated heavy mineral separation workflow. Also capable of sample disaggregation using high-voltage (non-mechanical) electric pulse equipment.

Specifications/Capabilities:  Mineral Separation-Rock crushing, grinding, sieving, density separation (Wilfley table and Heavy Liquids), Magnetic separation. SelFrag High voltage disaggregation

Scientific Opportunities/Applications: Liberation of minerals from rocks for in situ study. Mineral separation/liberation of zircon for in situ analysis. High-voltage disaggregation of meteorite/sapphire-bearing rocks/ore material.

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