Advanced Microscopy Facility


FLC Region

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4555 Overlook Avenue S.W.




FUNCTION: Provides a facility for high-resolution studies of complex biomolecular systems. The goal is an understanding of how to engineer biomolecules for various applications, including sensors, self-assembled lipid microstructures, patterned surfaces, and biomaterials.

DESCRIPTION: The facility includes electron microscopes, a darkroom, and adjacent biochemical laboratories for sample preparation and additional chemical/physical characterization of proteins, lipids, DNA, and cells.


Leo 1455 digital scanning electron microscope

Hitachi H8100 analytical electron microscope (AEM)

TopoMetrix Explorer atomic force microscope (AFM)

Digital Instruments Dimension 3100 AFM

Zeiss LIBRA-120 energy filtering transmission electron microscope

Scanning probe microscope capable of multimode atomic force

Microscopy and scanning tunneling microscopy (STM)

Nikon C1 Confocal Microscope System

Scanning-tip AFM capable of imaging large samples using contact mode, noncontact mode, lateral force mode, and force modulation mode

TopoMetrix Aurora nearfield scanning optical microscope (NSOM)

Optical equipment

Confocal fluorescent microscope

Continuous wave (CW) fluorimeter and microscope

Optical and fluorescence microscopes

Balzers BAF400 freeze fracture apparatus

High-speed ultracentrifuges.

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