2-Person Chamber for MOPP Ensemble Man in Simulant Test (MIST)


FLC Region

Security Lab



AMSRD-NSC-AD-B 15 Kansas St.




A Man-in-Simulant Test (MIST) Chamber has been constructed at the Natick Soldier Center to measure vapor leak through chemical protective clothing ensembles. The chamber uses common approved chemical agent simulants that are recaptured after use to evaluate the protection factor associated with chemical protective clothing. The 2-man chamber provides two-hour MIST testing of new ensemble designs to identify protection issues during the research and development phase of these items. This testing is particularly valuable in assessing mask, glove, boot and garment interfaces as well as screening potential closure systems of any chemical protective item during prototyping. On-site testing will reduce development time and cost, reduce the amount of agent simulant required by larger alternative facilities and provide an immediate feedback mechanism for evaluating new ensembles and closure technologies.

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