1 Ft. x 1 Ft. Supersonic Wind Tunnel, Bldg. 37


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The 1- by 1-Foot Supersonic Wind Tunnel (1x), located in the Engine Research Building, is one of the most active test facilities at the Glenn Research Center. Used to conduct fundamental research in supersonic and hypersonic fluid mechanics, it is also used for supersonic-vehicle-focused research and detailed benchmark quality experiments for CFD code validation. The tunnel can provide continuous operation at 10 discrete airspeeds between Mach 1.3 and 6.0 by using an appropriate fixed-area, contoured nozzle block upstream of the test section. The basic test section dimensions are 12.2-in. wide, 12-in. high, and 26-in. long, extendable to 52 inc. long. The test section walls can be configured to provide a variety of instrumented plates and optical-quality glass panels, and the entire test section can be manually rotated 90 degrees for vertical schlieren or sidewall model mounting. A number of specialized support systems are available to meet the research customer's needs, such as auxiliary bleed, model hydraulics, and probe actuation systems. Model buildup and machine shop equipment also are available to accommodate model changes. The 1x1 uses several different types of experimental research tools that are invaluable to fundamental studies. Flow can be visualized with the use of schlieren, a sheet-laser system, or blue Zyglo and black lights. Qualitative flow-field measurements can be made with a two-component laser Doppler velocimeter (LDV) and trace gas systems. The equipment in the 1x1 is complemented by a staff experienced in supersonic test hardware and experimentation. With its capabilities, expert staff, and efficiency, the 1x1 offers the supersonic research community an excellent low-cost tool for fundamental, small-scale research.

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