FLC Hosts Free Webinar Series on How to Search FLC Business and Engage With Laboratory Experts

For many entrepreneurs, corporate researchers or inventors, reaching a roadblock during the research and development (R&D) or test and evaluation phase of technology development is inevitable. However, getting beyond that inevitable hurdle doesn’t have to be frustrating or laden with decisions that sacrifice the original, innovative vision. Thanks to FLC Business—the most comprehensive federal laboratory resource database available—innovators of all levels can search for the resources they need, connect with a laboratory, and engage with experts to advance their R&D and realize their project goals.

Offering a free gateway for anyone looking to further their innovations, FLC Business provides a searchable database of all our nation’s laboratories’ available technologies, facilities, equipment, programs, and funding—all of which are accessible resources when working with a federal laboratory through a technology transfer (T2) agreement.

The FLC launched FLC Business in late February and is eager to help the public and our nation of makers understand that by working with federal laboratory resources, they can reach their R&D goals and boost the economy in the process. All they have to do is start searching FLC Business to begin the process. To spread this important message and showcase the one-stop shop tool, the FLC is hosting a webinar series on how to search the powerful resources FLC Business houses.

On Tuesday, June 20 from 2:00 – 3:00 p.m. ET, the FLC is hosting the first of three free webinars that will provide an in-depth demonstration of the FLC Business tool. During the hour-long demo, attendees will learn the following:

  • Overview of FLC Business
  • Breadth of searchable data (e.g., labs, technologies, equipment, facilities, programs, etc.)
  • Search and functionality features
  • Available technologies listings
  • Example searches.

To register for the FLC Business demo, visit

For additional information, contact LaBS Business Analyst Mike Lacombe at or 856-324-1315.

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