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AFRL Munitions Directorate’s Low-Alloy Steel

Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) - Munitions Directorate
USAF-96TM: A Low-Alloy, High Impact Toughness Steel. Photo credit: Northwest Florida Daily News

Air Force Research Laboratory Munitions Directorate (AFRL/RW) researcher-inventor Rachel Abrahams holds a sample of USAF-96TM, a low-alloy steel that achieves similar performance characteristics to more expensive alloys containing tungsten, cobalt and/or nickel. A new high-performance material that is both friendly to the environment and the manufacturer’s bottom line, the low-carbon, low-nickel formulation contains no tungsten or cobalt and can be produced using the standard “air-melt” process. The Air Force has scaled up production of USAF-96TM steel to 200,000lb+.

AFRL/RW, located at Eglin Air Force Base, Florida, has a rich history of developing conventional munitions technologies to provide the Air Force with a strong technology base upon which future air-delivered munitions can be developed. Its work is instrumental to neutralizing potential threats to the U.S. by unleashing the unconquerable power of scientific and technical innovations.

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