NSWC Panama City Division to Host Advanced Naval Technology Exercise

Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC) - Panama City Division
ANTX is an annual, multi-day event designed to demonstrate future Navy technologies in action today. (Credit: NSWC)

The Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC) Panama City Division in Panama City, Florida and Naval Undersea Warfare Center (NUWC) Division Newport will host the 2017 Advanced Naval Technology Exercise (ANTX) Battlespace Preparation in a Contested Environment (BPCE) Aug. 15-16, 2017. NSWC Panama City Division will host the event in St. Andrew Bay and the Gulf of Mexico Operating Areas.

ANTX is an annual, multi-day event designed to demonstrate future Navy technologies in action today. Naval Warfare Centers, universities, and industry partners have been invited to showcase their latest unmanned systems and related technologies. ANTX provides a low-risk environment in which scientists and engineers may evaluate their technological innovations at the research and development level before their technologies become militarized and integrated at the operational level.

ANTX17 BPCE will be a multi-site exercise, involving more than 20 lead participants, with many more collaborating.  Technologies will be exercised at both NSWC Panama City Division operational areas and the NBTF in Newport and will include fleet operators from EOD Mobile Unit ONE Det. Panama City, Navy Experimental Diving Unit, and Submarine Development Squadron 5 participating at both sites and virtually from Keyport, Washington.   

Consistent with the Battlespace Preparation in a Contested Environment theme, prototypes will exercise the collection, fusion, and transmission of data, with coordination between autonomous undersea, surface, and air platforms and their operators.  Both sites will also exercise payload delivery and cross-domain unmanned air, surface and underwater vehicle operations. NSWC Panama City will focus on the mine warfare mission (MIW), and NUWC Newport will focus on prototypes providing intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR).

The United States has national interests in all sea domains, from the sea floor to space. Each domain offers its own unique challenges and opportunities. Participants at ANTX17 BCPE will demonstrate the benefit of combining operations across these domains to optimize the Navy’s collective effectiveness throughout the maritime environment. These connecting links will allow the disparate parts to operate collectively, such that the contributions of each will enhance the warfighting effectiveness of the greater whole. 

In addition to NUWC and NSWC sponsored initiatives, more than 20 additional organizations will contribute to the event.  Exercises will encompass a broad collection of current work in unmanned systems, sensors, and other technologies of interest to the Navy and other maritime partners.

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