NIST’s Zeroeth Order Imaging Technology

National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)

Technology: Zeroeth Order Imaging

Opportunity: This NIST technology is available for licensing exclusively or nonexclusively in any field of use.

Details: This method of imaging critical dimensions by measuring the zeroeth order of diffracted light involves providing a target, directing light onto the target so as to cause the target to diffract the light. The zeroeth order of the diffracted light is collected and analyzed to determine the structural features of the target. The target can be an article of manufacture, such as a semiconductor device, or a separate target that is provided or fabricated on an article of manufacture. One of at least the wavelength and the angle at which the light is directed onto the target can be scanned. The target can fill all or only a portion of the field of view.

Potential Applications: Uses for this technology include:

  • Semiconductor manufacturing critical dimension (CD) metrology
  • Overlay metrology
  • Defect inspection
  • Nano manufacturing applications
  • Fuel cell process control
  • Arrayed nanoparticles
  • Nanometer sensitivity.

Contact: For more information on licensing this technology, contact Jack Pevenstein of NIST’s Technology Partnerships Office at

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