Technology Focus

Technology Focus

The FLC has undertaken a new Tech Focus initiative—an annual spotlight on a specific technology that addresses a public need and supports both government-wide lab-to-market goals and federal laboratories’ research and technology transfer (T2) missions.

This year’s theme will center around the water-related expertise, capabilities, and technologies available at federal laboratories. Numerous challenges face our nation and the world when it comes to water sustainability, treatment, infrastructure and disease, and many federal labs are working to address and provide lasting solutions.

To carry out this technology initiative, the FLC is planning Tech Focus water-themed activities that will take place throughout the rest of 2016 and beyond.

Tech Focus Featured Events

There are numerous ways for federal agencies, labs, and water industry professionals to get involved and support this year’s water-related Tech Focus activities. Starting fall 2016, the FLC will hold a virtual forum to advocate the Tech Focus initiative and promote federally developed water technologies.

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FLC Tech Focus

Water Innovation Virtual Forum

October 26, 2016
The FLC’s Water Innovation Virtual Forum is a one-day event that serves as a space to expand upon the issues presented during the White House Water Summit: March 22, 2016, and provides federal labs the opportunity to exhibit their water-related R&D and ready-to-license technologies to industry professionals in an easy-to-access online setting.

FLC Tech Focus Award

2016 FLC Tech Focus Award

New to the FLC’s national awards program is the FLC Tech Focus Award category. Open to all federal agencies and laboratories, the award complements the theme of this year’s Tech Focus initiative by highlighting water-related T2 efforts that:

  • Address a pressing water-related challenge
  • Demonstrate beneficial R&D outcomes to a water-related issue
  • Exhibit exceptional transfer/commercialization of a water technology.

Nominations will be accepted for this award from any of the FLC Award categories, and all submitted nominations can receive an award whether or not they win in their original submitted category. To learn more about the FLC Awards, categories, criteria and deadlines, visit our Awards page.

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Water-Related T2 Activities and Successes

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