Technology transfer doesn’t happen overnight. For many scientists, engineers, inventors and lab professionals, it is a process that can take years to complete depending on the technology, licensing, market needs, and partnership agreements. Fortunately, the FLC is fully versed in the T2 process and the challenges that can arise when getting a technology from a lab to the market. The FLC takes great pride in sharing the commercialization successes of its members and industry partners with the world.

Through innovation, research, dedication and collaboration, more than 300 federal laboratories and agencies develop and generate technologies that ultimately benefit the welfare of the public, aid farmers, and support our military at home and abroad—among other significant usages. As a result of agency, laboratory, and collaborative business partnerships, technology transfer helps to accelerate our economy by bringing cutting-edge technologies to market and aiding in job creation.

The stories featured throughout this section reflect the power of our federal laboratory and agency network, and demonstrate the capacity for which technology transfer has been proven to successfully impact our nation and the global community.

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